International Colloquium of Genealogy

Dear Sir or Madam,

The 11th  International Colloquium of Genealogy will take place in Warsaw (Poland) on July 2-4, 2019.

On behalf of the organizing committee, The International Academy for Genealogy and The Polish Heraldry Society we are pleased to announce that the 11th International Colloquium of Genealogy will be held from July 2 to 4, 2019 in Warsaw, Poland. The Colloquium is a biennial event held by The International Academy for Genealogy since its foundation. This year, the major theme of the colloquium will focus on „Europe in families and the world. Genealogical and heraldic aspects”.

The Colloquium will be held in Warsaw, a city reduced to rubble during World War II, and meticulously recreated and rebuilt post-war. Warsaw is a one of a kind city which is often referred to as a transit point between Eastern and Western Europe, as it combines the unique mixture of restored historic buildings (the colorful Old Town and the Royal Route), post-war Communist government constructed Soviet-style buildings as well as modern skyscrapers. Warsaw offers a fascinating collection of neighborhoods, parks, landmarks, and museums as well as numerous culinary and cultural experiences worth trying. The Colloquium will take place just next to the Old Town, at the Raczyński Palace which is the headquarters of the Central Archives of Historical Records. The archive founded in 1808, is one of Poland’s four national archives and holds records ranging from 12th century until World War I.

If You are interested in attending the 2019 Colloquium please pre-register through the link provided on the website by Friday, January  11th 2019 – or by clicking here: Pre-registration . Participants who wish to present during the Colloquium are required to indicate it on the pre-registration form, and submit the title and a brief summary of the chosen subjects by January 18th 2019. Final registration will take place in April 2019. A registration fee of 100 Euro will be required at the time of final registration. Apart from the registration fee, we are planning a banquet at one of Old Town’s best restaurants, as well as an excursion outside the city. For more information please visit our website where we will be providing more detailed information as the event approaches. If you have any questions regarding getting to and around Warsaw, accommodations, any other matter, or if we may be of any assistance please contact us at

The International Academy for Genealogy, founded in Turin in 1984 under the French name of Académie Internationale de Généalogie, brings together one hundred experts in family history, representing more than thirty countries on four continents. The Academy has been holding a Colloquium every other year since its foundation. The 10th Colloquium took place in June, 2017 in Montreal.

The Polish Heraldry Society was originally created in 1905, and re-established in 1987 in Warsaw. The society is committed to developing, advancing and disseminating research in the field of heraldry as a historical science. In addition, the members’ interests also include other sciences related to heraldry such as genealogy. The society cooperates with the Polish Academy of Sciences, universities, archives and museums in Poland and abroad, and is a member of the Confédération Internationale d’Héraldique et de Généalogie.

We look forward to hosting You during the 2019 Colloquium in Warsaw.


dr hab. Sławomir Górzyński, aih, AIG, President of Polish Heraldic Society, AIG Board Member